There are countless reasons why WordPress is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to build a website (either by themselves or with the help of someone like me). It was designed from the outset to comply with the constantly changing Google algorithms, which means that the pages built within a WordPress site are specifically structured so that they index well. This means that sites built on the platform can be easily searched by Google so that your audience can find you when searching for the service/product you have to offer.

The top benefits of using WordPress

  1. It’s the most popular CMS in the world with 28% of all websites in the world being built in this simple, but highly effective platform. That’s a massive proportion of the world’s web all built within one CMS!
  2. It’s easy to use as a content management system (CMS) meaning that even the not-so-techy can keep their site up-to-date by altering or adding content. And, by doing so, helping it to rank well within search engines. Adding fresh, relevant and good quality content is one of the biggest drivers to increasing your SEO ranking naturally
  3. You can customise the permalinks (URLs to your web pages/blog articles) to help ensure that the keywords for each individual page can be included, which again, is great for SEO purposes
  4. WordPress is open source, which means that it’s free to use. There are countless developers all over the world looking at how it can be improved and kept up-to-date with the ever-changing Google algorithms. Meaning that your website can keep completely up-to-date with Google (therefore working well for you within search engines)… and all this at NO cost to you.
  5. The same developers all over the world are also continually developing new and improved plugins (extra functionality which you can easily add to your site) to allow the platform to become even more flexible and powerful for you and your business
  6. The code used by WordPress is clean, meaning that it’s much harder for anyone to add malicious elements to it.
  7. The code is ‘behind the scenes’ for the general user, but accessible and alterable by the more skilled website developer. This means that this is one very powerful CMS whether it’s in the hands of a seasoned web developer or a newbie who’s just learning the ropes!

So, there you have it… my top reasons for using WordPress rather than any other platform.

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