Business admin services


The admin side of running any business can sometimes be overwhelming and time consuming – we can help

There are a lot of tasks and skills needed to run any business. Let us pick up the tasks that you either can’t do or don’t like doing and release your valuable time to concentrate on building your business and focussing on the tasks that you enjoy.


Don’t let yourself be bogged down by all the admin work. We can pick up your email, diary and travel management as well as report typing or spreadsheet creation. We’re extremely well versed in all the usual Microsoft Packages as well as Google Docs and can help with event support too.


All businesses need to be online these days if they want to be taken seriously. In most cases this doesn’t just mean a shiny website. You need to hang out online in the same places as your audience AND interact with them. We can help by creating and setting up your FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts for you. We can also create any graphics and publish your posts for you, and respond to your audience on the posts, so that your online presence is kept relevant and up-to-date.


Sometimes it’s impossible to spot the typos or the missing words when you’ve read something a hundred times already. Let us provide a final quality check to ensure that your documents read well and that nothing has been missed by the author. A second pair of eyes on important documents can be an essential safety net.


Need to impress a client, colleague or a potential investor? We can help by designing and creating professional and engaging PowerPoint and KeyNote presentations for you to communicate all your key points. Using our design skills we can also create graphics or flow diagrams to insert into your presentation to help get your message across.

Developing New Ideas. Supporting Your Business.

Get in touch today to discover how Stripe can help you take your business to the next level.

 This list is not exhaustive, so if there is a business administration service you were hoping to find that isn’t listed above, then please get in touchIf we can’t help you, we can almost certainly point you in the direction of someone else who can.

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