Did you know that Google Chrome changed on 27 October 2017 so that any site without a SSL certificate will be penalised in Google’s rankings? Given that Chrome accounts for roughly 50% of all internet searches worldwide, this is not something that should be taken lightly.

SSL certificates are not just needed on eCommerce sites, as commonly thought, but on any site that asks the user to fill out any information (e.g. a contact forms, sign-up forms, etc).

Any site without a SSL certificate will be shown as ‘Not secure’ within the URL bar, which could scare off any potential customers visiting your site.

Sites that have a SSL certificate will be shown with a green padlock and ‘Secure’ written next the URL, which will help to not only reassure your site’s users of your business’s authenticity, but hopefully help to encourage them to purchase your goods/services.

Adding a SSL certificate is simple and straightforward and is easiest to apply via your site’s hosting company rather than the company where you bought your domain (if they are different). Some hosting companies even do this for free (SiteGround does), so it’s worth checking with whichever hosting company you use.

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