Why use a virtual assistant? In today’s business world, many business owners are searching for new, supportive solutions to help them grow their business and make it more profitable. The ones who are most successful at this manage to:

  1. Set business objectives and effectively proceed with them
  2. Take advantage of the most optimal resources available to them

If your workload is taking up too much of your time for you to focus on the growth of your business then perhaps it’s time for you to consider using a Virtual Assistant, like me.

Hiring a full-time employee can cost money that you may not have, but you still need the help of a professional.  People who’ve been working in their own areas of expertise for many years.  People who you can trust to just get the job done.

This is where hiring a VA comes into its own.

So, what is a virtual assistant?

Simply put, VAs are self-employed experts who work for clients from remote locations, whether this be their own home or office space.  With their well-honed skills and experience they can support several businesses with a variety of projects.  They can offer a range of affordable services that help you to meet your deadlines and keep a firm eye on the bottom line.

My top reasons for why a Virtual Assistant could help you

A VA can help you grow your business

  • Providing an extra pair of hands for tasks that you struggle to find the time for, never get around to or simply don’t have the skills to complete
  • Collaborate and share ideas with your VA allowing your combined experience and desire for success to take your business to the next level
  • They are very aware that your bottom line depends on effective execution of the tasks you’re paying them for. Their own reputation and success depends on how well they please their clients… don’t forget, they’re business owners too!

Access to the best talent

  • Working with a VA means that you don’t have to be bothered by geographical restrictions. No matter where either of you are based, you can still work together to achieve your business goals
  • Help your VA to understand your business and they’ll become an invaluable member of your team
  • If your VA is based in a different time zone to you, don’t see this as a negative – maybe it’s just what you need to allow you to switch off your work emails at the end of the day, safe in the knowledge that your VA will be picking them up and dealing with them on your behalf.  Imagine waking up in the morning to having tasks completed whilst you slept!

Save money!

  • A VA will only charge you for the hours they actually work – no more paying for a full-time employee twiddling their thumbs.  I charge my time in 15 minute chunks, so you only pay for the time you use.
  • Using a VA can help you to reduce operational expenditure – NO office space, equipment, training, holiday or sickness pay required and NO staff benefits need to be provided.

Better use of your time

  • We all know that two heads are better than one. Why juggle everything single-handedly when you have affordable experts available at your disposal?
  • Imagine how you would use your freed up time and what business opportunities you could explore or goals that you could finally achieve

Improve your online presence

  • All businesses need to be online. They need to portray a professional image whilst also keeping their target market engaged.  Let your VA take on the responsibilities of posting your blogs, articles or social media posts.  Let them be the voice of your business as they interact with your clients online.
  • Need a website or to improve an existing one? No problem… let your VA take over the reins and help get you in front of the right customers for your business

Flexible working

  • Most VAs have a flexible work schedule. Many of us fit it in around family life, which means that the scheduling of our work for you can be adjusted according to your business needs.  Whether this be a regular slot required each day or week, or just some time needed on demand.
  • You can hire a VA on a project basis, hourly basis or set up a monthly retainer of hours to suit your business needs ensuring that you have those hours set aside for you when you need them.


  • It’s critical for all businesses to be able to trust those that they work with. This is no different with a VA.
  • Build a relationship with your VA in the same way you would an employee or even ask them to sign a NDA to provide an extra level of reassurance if desired
  • Don’t forget, their reputation will help make or break their own business

Customer retention

  • Let your VA take over the time-consuming tasks of setting up appointments, researching potential customers, sending out quotes, responding to emails, etc., etc.

Accept your areas of weakness

  • Let’s face it, many entrepreneurs like to be in control, but it’s not possible to be a Jack of all trades and complete everything successully
  • Let a VA fill any gaps in your business, providing you with the extra skill sets you need as your business grows

Achieve a better work-life balance

  • Assign the tasks that don’t need to be done by you, to your VA and free up your own time to finally catch up with the friends or family that you’ve been meaning to see for ages
  • Watch your To Do list shorten as your VA helps lighten the load and feel yourself relax safe in the knowledge that your business is in professional and reliable hands

Why go virtual with me?

If you’ve decided that a Virtual Assistant could be just what you need, then that’s great.  Let me tell you why you should work with me…

I’ve got 20+ years’ experience of working in professional and creative business environments both client- and agency-side.
I’m trustworthy, professional, reliable and flexible.
I am an excellent communicator with people at all levels – clients and co-workers alike.
I’m confident, energetic, assertive and proactive.
I am a hands on team player as well as being effective as an independent worker.
I’m ready to work when you need the help with a variety of packages available to suit your requirements and your budget.
I’m UK-based and a native English speaker.
You deal directly with me – no middle man to muddy the waters.
Check out my LinkedIn profile for my full resume of experience and let’s get connected!
See what others have to say about working with me.



  • NO equipment / ‘bums on seats’ costs
  • NO need to micro-manage or train
  • NO recruitment costs or employment taxes
  • NO need to pay holiday, sickness, or parental leave
  • A range of specialist and general admin services available
  • An extra pair of hands could help you improve your work/life balance


“Her customer care is exceptional and she keeps a tight rein on budget spend which is critical with tight profit margins. 
Lynne is a true professional with honesty and integrity which are rare skills to find.”

Ellen Kerr

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