In the busy world of digital marketing, we all know how difficult it can be to grab (and to maintain) the attention of our visitors/potential customers. Making sure that you have clear and consistent messaging across all your digital channels is crucial for success.

I’ve listed out just some of the elements that every business should consider, but there is a whole world of digital marketing out there for you to explore if you’d like to know more.

Hints and tips for digital marketing

  1. According to research, you have just 27 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor to your website, regardless of what device they are using to view it. That’s clearly not a long time to hook your target audience in. So, in order for you to achieve their attention (and keep it) you have to have your online presence in tip top condition to ensure you can convert your visitors into customers.
  2. You must engage regularly with your audience, clearly displaying your areas of expertise whilst showing your understanding of the services/products that they are looking for… and how you can provide it for them.
  3. Don’t just create a profile on every social media platform. Find out where your target market ‘hangs out’ and go there too. Whether that’s professional groups on LinkedIn or following a particular thread on Twitter, you need to be out there and be seen to be out there.
  4. Google estimates that c. 80% of consumers use local search engines to find local business information. If only small businesses realised this! So many of them either don’t have a web presence at all. Or, what they do have is not particularly helpful or practical for their target audience. Google says that the most common searches are to find addresses, opening hours and directions, or to find out if a product or service is available. So, this information is key and should be easily accessible on ALL websites.
  5. Make sure your site is responsive (i.e. works well across all devices showing the information clearly and effectively to the whole audience). This not only ensures a better experience for your customers, but also helps with your ranking in Google.
  6. Make sure that you claim the local listings for your business by creating a Goolge+ page. This means that your business can then appear in Google Maps and help within Google’s search results.
  7. If your business is based in multiple locations, make sure you create a targeted web page for each of them (ensuring all the details are up-to-date – it’s amazing how many sites forget to update this basic, yet vital, information). This way, search engines like Google can ensure potential customers, local to your business, can find you more easily.
  8. Set goals for your digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for more visitors to your site, more customers, greater brand awareness or something else, just make sure you know what you’re hoping to achieve. Then, crucially, make sure that you measure the results of your hard work so that you can adapt your chosen methods to suit your own specific audience.

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