Like everyone else, I love it when all my hard work is appreciated

I think it’s so important to get (and to give) constructive feedback. I work hard and strive to fulfil each brief on time and on budget. Thankfully, I’ve got lots of lovely comments within these testimonials from those that I’ve worked with, so you don’t just have to take my word for it.

Lynne was recommended to me, and has been absolutely marvellous; her eye for detail is excellent, as are her computer skills.

She was very patient with me and my obvious ignorance of computers; I could not have had better advice.

Absolutely first class in every way and I am delighted with my website.

Rob Salisbury

Notary Public, RAS Notary

I worked with Lynne on the development of a logo for my running group. I had an idea of what I wanted and Lynne captured my ideas beautifully. She was also very patient during the re-drafts and tweaks to the logo. She was a pleasure to work with. Her fees were very reasonable too. Lynne comes highly recommended by me.

Ann Currie

Manager, Meols Milers

I have to say that Lynne deserves a medal!

Not only did she have to deal with a complete technophobe in me, but her patience and fortitude were stretched to the limit when moving my domain name from my previous website designers. 

She has been most caring, patient and efficient and I am delighted with the result. As an artist I am not so hot at marketing myself and Lynne has come up with all kinds of ideas.

From a client who nearly threw her computer out of the window in frustration, she has been a life saver.

Lois Hayes-Holland

Artist, loishayesholland.co.uk

Having worked with Lynne in the past i can attest to her professionalism and diligence in managing digital projects through the life-cycle. She takes a hands on approach to delivery and manages both clients and teams with aplomb.

Ivor Perry

Programme Manager, Amaze

Lynne is one of those people that just gets it done. Extremely reliable and able to work on her own initiative. I highly recommend her work and in the years we worked together I didn’t need to worry about the work she was responsible for. Her professional abilities as a creative developer were first rate and she kept developing her skill set above and beyond what was required. All in all a great worker with a very positive outlook.

Bob Bazley

CEO of Netopa Ltd, Netopa Ltd

I had the privilege of working with Lynne for a couple of years and she is one of the most valuable people I have ever met. She is very experienced, deadline oriented and managed all projects with a smile on her face. Lynne would be an asset to any team. I highly recommend her!

Daniel Reese

Freelance Designer

Lynne and I met through the business section of a local web based news group. Both of us have a desire to work more locally and to use the experiences we have garnered to bring together likeminded businesses and develop more of a community feel to the area in which we live. From an initial meeting we launched the West Kirby Business Network and drawing on Lynne’s vast digital expertise a website has been developed. I have to say that I can’t speak highly enough of Lynne’s professionalism and knowledge that she has used in developing the website which should in turn benefit the network and wider community. We have become business partners almost by accident… a valued colleague. In addition to being a highly professional web designer Lynne runs a successful business of her own and my experience is that she is hard working, focused and friendly. Lynne will readily bring meetings back on track with her project manager hat on and will both share and listen to ideas, she will then evaluate and action the best route forward. If you want someone to build your company a bespoke website, design a logo from scratch, need someone to fine tune what you have or give your company a digital health check then for me, Lynne should be without any doubt your first port of call.

David Edwards

Commercial Photographer (image61.com) and Co-Founder of WKBN, West Kirby Business Network

Lynne worked with me to develop and build my website from the very start to a slick finished product. She guided me throughout, showing me how to upload and edit content, as well as create new pages. She was responsive to my requests, but also brought forward ideas and suggestions for me to consider.

Lynne provided a clear timeline which we were able to stick to, which was helpful for me in showing how quickly I needed to work through my tasks. Following launch she was available to answer questions and deal with issues that arose, including in her own time which I hugely appreciated. She made a daunting task possible and at times even enjoyable!! I thoroughly recommend her services.


Founder, Designer and Maker, Wise Fig Jewellery

I worked with Lynne on a number of projects at Mando Group and found her to be very thorough in her approach as a project manager and keen to ensure that all required aspects of delivery for a project were met and on time. Lynne is very polite and I enjoyed working with her a lot, if any issues were to arise then we would discuss them and come up with a workable solution for both Mando Group and the client.

Kevin Walker

Web Developer

I enjoyed working with Lynne during her time at Mando Group and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her for web project management positions.

Her experience and pragmatism as a project manager means that she strives to deliver the right solutions for her clients.

She builds rapport easily with both colleagues and clients and is a joy to work with.

John Livingston

Programme and Project Manager

I greatly appreciate your prompt and professional service and have heartily recommended you to colleagues.

The work you have done is exactly what was required and your patience and high standards exemplary.

Barry Holland

Notary Public and Solicitor, Barry K Holland

Lynne advised me on how to re-structure my website to achieve better engagement and optimisation. She was patient and clear and took the time to explain why and how things should be changed. With clear google documents and excellent communication we worked well together to make some necessary changes to my website structure. A great partner to use in your website development.

Karen Beddow

Owner and Editor, MiniTravellers

Lynne was a pleasure to work with. Always kept the project on track, even when some elements were not in her control. She made it her business to ensure things happened within timescales and the client was kept informed and happy. Her customer care is exceptional and she keeps a tight rein on budget spend which is critical with tight profit margins.

Lynne is a true professional with honesty and integrity which are rare skills to find.

Ellen Kerr

Business Developer & Relationship Builder

Lynne did a first rate job during her time at Noble and was always proactive and helped us think of better and different ways of promoting the business, she was a friendly positive and valuable member of the team.

David Page

(Was) Chief Exec. of Noble Fund Managers, (Now) Deputy Chief Officer, Police Scotland

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lynne during her time at Mando. She was a great PM: resourceful, clear thinking and tenacious. She also has the ability to learn and adapt to new customers, scenarios and technical factors quickly and still deliver.

Highly recommended.

Ian Finch

MD of Mando Group & Chair of BIMA North West, Mando Group

Lynne is a friendly and capable Project Manager and did well during her time at Mando Group, in particular building strong relationships with clients.

Dan Prior

Commercial Director at Mando Group, Mando Group

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